Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to me or my companions if any of us was hospitalized, lost or deceased?

Motawifs of pilgrims of Europe, America, and Australia organisation is responsible for follow-up on the lost and the hospitalized cases and is responsible for burial and procedures in case of death (Allah forbid).

I booked with a travel agent for Hajj this year, what should I do? Kindly reach out to your travel agent to get your refund. Motawif is the exclusive online platform authorized by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah for pilgrims coming from Europe, America and Australia.
What is the deadline for visa issuance?

The last date for granting Hajj visas to pilgrims from abroad will be the 19 Dhul Qi'dah.

How do I know that a booking has been successfully made? We will inform you via email if your application was successful. We will also notify you about your visa process.
Does this mean you are the only authorized platform to offer Hajj packages in mentioned countries?

Motawif is the exclusive online platform authorized by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to offer Hajj services to Muslims in Europe, America, and Australia for the 1443 - 2022 Hajj season.

How can I make a booking?

You can now apply only directly with us as the official Hajj provider for your country. Kindly download our PDF step-by-step guide for booking through

Is wheelchair support provided and how? If a wheelchair is needed all the time, then it's better the pilgrim brings their own wheelchair. Alternatively, they can purchase one in Saudi Arabia. However, please note that the pilgrim will need a family member or friend to push their wheelchair. There are workers available for wheelchair pushing but this is with additional cost paid that should be paid directly to them.
Why is a draw being held? Why can't everyone be accepted? As we cautiously return to opening Hajj season following COVID19, this year's Hajj will have a limit on the number of pilgrims to ensure the safety of all. If the allocation was only 'first come first served' then many people would be disappointed to find all spaces immediately taken within a few hours of the registration being open. To provide more fairness, the applicants have time to register and then have an equal chance through a draw process. Draws will take place until the allocation for a country is completed.
I don’t know how to make Hajj. Where can information on the hajj rituals be found before and during hajj? Our website will have a full guide for Hajj as well as supporting materials for pilgrims. This will include live webinars before you travel. During your stay your group leader will make sure you know each step to complete your Hajj successfully.
If I have a question about the package or my reservation, who can I contact? We are available 24/7 to answer all your queries. Email us at or Call us France: Landline number 0033 (0)1 83 90 99 13 UK: Landline number 0044 20 3814 3314 US: Toll-Free number 001 833 27 12 112 KSA: Toll-free number 800 89 12 027
What are the different camp locations? Arafat and Mina.
I want to travel with a family member, how to register? You will be able to submit the family application during the registration process. You need to submit the documents for each family member in your file (up to 9 passengers per application).
What if I want to choose another means of transportation? Buses are the only authorized vehicles during Hajj and therefore cannot be changed.
What services are provided / included in the package price? Visa, flights, transportation, accommodation, food, and sacrifice are included in your package.
Who will the group leader be? There will be 3 leaders for each group who will work in shifts to provide 24-hour support. Alongside them will a support team. The group leader and their team are there to ensure you have a comfortable and successful Hajj.
How does a pilgrim purchase ZamZam water to take back to their home country?

This needs to be checked with the airline as restrictions are in place.

How can a pilgrim get a local mobile SIM card? Different packages are available from the local network operators. SIM cards are available in the airport as well as Makkah and Madinah.
How can I follow up on my application? Our website will issue an application number which you can use to enquire with our Care team to check your status.
What documents are needed for my online Hajj application submission? The essential documents are passport copies of traveling passengers and the vaccination certificates for approved vaccinations.
If I have a successful booking is there anything else to do before travelling? You must take and bring a negative PCR test and also register at within the 72 hours before you leave your country.
Is there an age restriction for Hajj? Pilgrims should not be older than 65 years. Women are allowed to perform Hajj without a Mahrem.
Is the service exclusive to the citizens of the mentioned countries? Registration is available for citizens and residents of the countries we cover. Kindly note that proof of residency is required for non-citizens.
Are female applicants able to apply for Hajj without a male guardian (Mahram)?

Women are not required to come to Pilgrimage with a Male guardian (Mahram)

What are the different tiers of the packages? We have three main packages Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages to fit all needs, budgets, and preferences. All packages are inclusive of flights, accommodation, transportation and visa. Navigate to the Packages page to see all the features and prices.
What if I do not receive the confirmation SMS/Email? How can I make sure the payment went through? Kindly contact our Care team and they will be able to sort everything for you.
How can I pay for the booking? If your application is successful, you can pay for the booking using one credit card or multiple credit cards in one transaction.
What do I do if I have made the payment, and it did not reflect in my reservation? You should contact the Care team immediately if this is the case.
Is it mandatory to complete my Covid-19 vaccination doses before applying for Hajj 2022-1443?

Yes, you must have completed 2 doses from one of those approved vaccines: Pfizer BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Oxford, Johnson, Sinopharm, Sinovac, Covaxin or Sputnik V.

What are the advantages of booking my Hajj package directly with Motawif? We have a wide selection of services and tailored packages to fit your needs, budget, and preferences. Our Care team is available 24/7 in your language, and the experience of more than 40 years in the Hajj Sector serving the Guests of Allah in the best way possible.
How can I be assured of the safety of my payment? You are directly dealing the official Hajj provider in Saudi Arabia for your country for the last 40 years. Our website is certified and monitored 24/7. Your payment will be processed through a fully automated, secure process and you will get a notification as soon as the payment is completed.
How long is the Hajj visa valid?

The Visa is valid for duration of Hajj and is single entry. The Hajj Visa cannot be extended.

How will the visa be received? All documents will be sent electronically through email.
What if the pilgrim has special dietary requirements? Food options are generally fixed but we recommend talking to your Group leader who will do their best to support your dietary needs.
Who should I talk to if I face any problem during my Hajj? Each group will have a Leader available 24 hours a day who along with their team, be able to provide any support or help you need.
What items should a pilgrim bring with them? Our website will have a full guide for useful items as well as general travel advice and tips.
Do I need to do a PCR test before traveling to Saudi Arabia? A PCR test is required to be done a maximum of 72 hours before arrival to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. PCR test fees are not included in our Service Fees.
What are the Coivd-19 vaccinations approved by The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Completion of Covid – 19 Vaccine two shots by Pfizer Biotech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Oxford, Johnson & Johnson, Sinopharm, Sinovac, Nuvaxovid, Covaxin, or Sputnik V.
What if I want to cancel my booking? How can I do it? The cancelation terms are available under the Terms & Conditions. Depending on the timing you may receive a full or partial refund.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my package after booking confirmation? You can upgrade your package and pay for the difference by contacting our Care team. However, downgrading is not allowed after the booking confirmation.
When is the last day to apply for a Hajj? We recommend applying immediately as each day we will allocate applicants until all availability is completed. This is expected to happen very quickly.
What if a promised service wasn't fulfilled? Please contact your group leader if you have any complaints.
What happens if the airline company lost/damaged/delayed my baggage? The pilgrim will be compensated by the airline as per policy and international rules. This should be done at the airport.
Is the hajj sacrifice included in the fees? Can the pilgrim make the sacrifice? The sacrifice is included. Due to COVID restrictions, pilgrims will not be able to attend the slaughterhouse.
What if religious advice is needed during my stay? Access to people of knowledge as well as lectures will be provided to pilgrims.